Bad Habit

Luna Eyeshadow Bundle

$36 $46

Inspired by the magical hues of a moonlit night, these 14 super pigmented shades come in dazzling pearl finishes and silky mattes. The dreamy colors range from neutrals to vibrant violet with a creamy, blendable formula and buildable, saturated tones.

Palette includes:

Crescent (matte ivory)
Waxing (matte burnt orange)
Apolune (bronze with pink color shift)
Penumbra (matte mid tone pink)
High Tide (rose gold)
Waning (metallic sparkling sand)
Aphelion (matte coffee brown)
Eclipse (metallic wine with bronze color shift) 
Meridian (duochrome metallic pink with blue color shift)
Mare (cool matte taupe brown)
Half Moon (metallic violet with pink color shift)
Basalt (pale gold shimmer)
Super Moon (matte periwinkle)
Darkside (matte rust)

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